Welcome To Community Choirs UK!

Singing With One Voice Across The Nation

  • It All Started In West Sussex

  • Our first choir grew to 200 members!

  • We held our first rehearsals in a chapel which had been derelict for 13 years

  • We run five choirs in West Sussex

  • We are now growing in Buckinghamshire!

  • Christmas Concert, December 2019

Join us and find your voice!

  • No Auditions
  • Any Age
  • Non Singers Welcomed
  • Donation Only
  • No Music To Read
  • Find Your Voice

Welcome To Community Choirs UK!

Hi there! My name's Steve Flashman and I'm the Founder And Director of Community Choirs UK. We started a few years ago in West Sussex, where our first choir grew to more than 200 people! We ended up with five wonderful choirs around West Sussex. It was a little overwhelming as you can imagine. But it was a lot of fun. Then we moved up to Buckinghamshire where I still run a Community Choir! You are welcome to join us!

Dates for the diary:
1. Saturday 24th June, Quaintfest performance, 4.00pm on the Green
2. Christmas Concert:
Saturday December 2nd, 4.00pm at the
Memorial Hall, Quainton

Quainton Choir: Memorial Hall, 10.00am
2023 Summer Term:
Friday 28th April to Friday 7th July
2023 Autumn Term:
Friday September 8th to Friday December 8th

Waddesdon Choir: Methodist Hall, 7.30pm
2023 Summer Term:
Wednesday 26th April to Wednesday 5th July
2023 Autumn Term:
Wednesday September 6th to Wednesday December 6th

What our choir members have to say...


I thoroughly enjoyed my first week with the Community choir, Everyone was so friendly, the choice of music was inspiring and the rehearsal was tremendous fun. I also felt that the sounds achieved by us all in such a short space of time were exciting, cant wait for our next rehearsal.


I am happy to have found your choir, as I never thought I would see the day I would sing in a choir (with my voice ! ). I really enjoy your choir and I feel it really helps me and I find that singing really helps to lift my spirits. I have always found there is nothing quite like music and song to help you get through the good and bad times in life. I think everyone should at least come and try your choirs as they will be pleasantly surprised


A glorious heart lifting sound, I am privileged to be a member of Steve’s enthusiastic Community Choir!