A convenient way to donate
to our Community Choir

Rather than remembering to bring
cash every week to rehearsals,
here is a convenient way to donate

What is your donation for?

  • Hire of the Memorial Hall each week
  • Steve's time in finding, preparing and arranging songs
  • Printing costs for the lyric sheets
  • Contribution towards essential equipment for rehearsals
  • Website design, maintenance and hosting costs
  • Video production and hosting for rehearsal videos
  • Various ebooks and coaching videos available online

Donations gratefully received...

I run the choirs on a donation basis.
(Rock Choir charges £10 per week!)
If you are able to sign up today, choose your donation level below.
Alternatively, donate what you can afford each week on arrival at our rehearsals.
If you know people who would like to come, but are strapped for cash,
they are welcome to come for free.
(Perhaps you could sponsor someone to join us who can't afford it?)

Click one of the links below to donate using

Donate £12 Per Month
Click to donate £12.00 per month

£12 per month is around £3 per week

Donate £20 Per Month
    Donate £20 per month

    £20 per month is around £5 per week

    Donate £12 Per Month
      Donate £30 per month

      £30 per month is around £7.50 per week

      Frequently Asked Questions

      If I pay by Standing Order
      what about the holiday breaks?

      If you feel able to choose one of the options above, it helps me to maintain cash flow. Even when we are taking holiday breaks, I am still spending time working on choir material and preparation work for the launch of each rehearsal season.

      How will I be given access
      to our Online Choir Resources?

      Resources are made available to all Community Choir Members and these can be found on the Resources page link at the top of the homepage.

      Need more information?
      Email: steve@communitychoirs.com
      Text or Phone: 07950 000910

      Thank you so much for your support!

      Click image for Steve's YouTube Channel: "From Rock Singer To Hymns Ancient And Modern"